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How many RV sites can be the system handle?
Any number. Current Plans are available for parks with 1-50 sites and those with more than 50.
Why is the investment higher for parks with more sites?
Larger parks require more of our time to set up and support.
Does the guest need to answer a lot of questions?
No! From the Request page, they pick a type site, e.g. BackIn, then click on the Date of Arrival and enter the Number of Nights, Name, Email, Phone and Comments if any. A "Request" email is sent to you and to the guest.
Then, what do we have to do?
Upon receiving the email most staff will call to confirm the reservation. You can take a deposit or not. Once confirmed you mark the site Booked on the Request page. You and your guest will receive the "Booked" email. Future guests will see that one less site of that type is available.
Does RVRequest take payments?
No, our system is simple to use for guests and staff. System complexity increases exponentially when rates are involved. Every park has their own policies, e.g. daily rates, weekly special of "pay for 6, get 7 nights", rates varying by season or month, extra fees for dogs, guest or cars. RVRequest keeps it simple: Request, Contact and Book. Web sites that calculate payments ask so many questions that they often irritate the RV traveler and cause them to leave the site and go to some other park.
Can a site be booked without a payment?
Yes, that is up to you. If someone contacts you and you have plenty of sites available and you are busy at the counter, you can just Book the site wihout payment. The guest will receive their email confirmation and can come on in. But, if you want to require payment, contact them first, get the payment and then Book the site.
Comment on Information Overload.
We recently stayed at a park that required 21 questions to send an email and we did not know availability until they responded. As full time travelers for 12 years (as of 2017), we find that unacceptable.
Do our guests have to download an App?
No. They access your reservation web page from any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
How does my staff get trained?
We have traveling full time since 2006. If we come to your park we can train in person. However, the system is very simple to operate and many can learn it with no or minimal training. We offers plans with unlimited set up support or if your staff are computer-proficient they can self-train and only contact us when needed. There is no fee for email questions and responses.
Is their documentation?
Yes. First, each page is designed to have labels and prompts that are self-explantory. And there is a HELP button to access an overview of the process you are using. Click here for Staff Lessons
Is there a fee for system enhancements?
We are constantly improving the system with features that all of our client parks can use. There is no fee for that. If your park needs some feature that would only apply to you, then we would quote you an investment and time frame to deliver that product to you.
Can a guest request a specific site number?
Only if your park allows this by choosing that option. Even when they request a site number, you can Book it for a different site. Or after booking you can easily move them to another site.

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