View RV Requests

There are many ways to view your requests. All displays can show all sites or be filtered by Status and Site Type. Using filters you can avoid or reduce scrolling to see the sites you want.

  • Access: Staff Log In on Home page > Click to manage parks.
  • List by Type and Calendar by Type
    These pages show the quantity of Available, Pending and Booked sites. Individual site numbers are not shown. These the pages that guests see. Guests or staff can click on an available site type to make a request.
  • List by Site No and Calendar by Site No
    These pages are only accessed by staff not guests and show the site number and site type for Available sites. Pending and Booked sites show the site number and the guest name. Use these page to Book or Cancel requests.
  • Site by Day
    Every site for two months is shown on this page. This display is most useful for trying to find a certain type of site for an extended day period. You can Book, Cancel or make requests from this page.
  • Guest by Day and Guest Summary
    Both of these displays show only Pending and Booked requests with guest names. Guest by Day shows two months giving you a quick look at specific guest check in and check out dates. Guest Summary shows only one month and give you the guest Check Out date and contact information. You can Book and Cancel requests from the Guest displays.

  • Read Lesson 14 - Check Out