Cancel RV Requests

Guests make RV requests and if still Pending they can cancel. Once a site is Booked, only park staff can cancel the site.

  • Access: Staff Log In on Home page > Click to manage parks.
  • Look for the site from any of five displays. They are: List by Site No, Calendar by Site No, Site by Day, Guest by Day and Guess Summary.
  • Find the site, it will be shown in gray as Booked. Click on the site to see the detail.
  • Review the information and click on Submit to cancel the site. Return to the Request page and the site will show in Red, as Available.
  • To find only Booked sites, you can remove the check mark from the Available and Pending sites. Click on Refresh Page to show just the gray Booked sites.
  • When you Cancel a request, you and your guest will receive a confirming email.

    Read Lesson 13 - View RV Requests