Book RV Requests

When a guest makes a request you will receive their email. It will have the site number picked by the system or if allowed by the guest. Call their phone number from the email and confirm as you normally would. Then you must tell the request system that the site is Booked.

  • Access: Staff Log In on Home page > Click to manage parks.
  • Look for the site from any of five displays. Try them all and see which you like. They are: List by Site No, Calendar by Site No, Site by Day, Guest by Day and Guess Summary.
  • Find the site, it will be shown in Green as Pending. Click on the site to see the detail.
  • Review the information and click on Submit to book the site. Return to the Request page and the site will now be shown in Gray, as Booked.
  • If you need to, you can Cancel the request from this same page. In this case the Request page will return the site to Red, Available.
  • The above works well to book a single site. But, perhaps you will read a number of request emails and process them all. To more easily find the Pending sites, you can remove the check mark from the Available and Booked sites. Click on Refresh Page to show just the green Pending sites.
  • When you Book or Cancel a request, you and your guest will receive a confirming email.

    Read Lesson 13 - Cancel RV Requests